Monday, April 16, 2012

Weeks 121 - 130 *mega catch up*

Week 121

L -  65 Years - We had a family gathering for Shane's grandparents who have been married for 65years! WOWEE. They are still happy and she even sat on his lap for a Congrats to Vern and Joan!

R - On the tracks - Went out for dinner at Roberta's this weekend and discovered all sorts of goodies on the tracks of the L train at Morgan Ave. Random!

Week 122
L - Happy Beer Day....ooops I mean Australia Day! Beers ready, BBQ sizzling, sun shining! Pretty much sums up Australia Day! Although I am not an Australian I do happily partake in a day off to enjoy all of the above!

R - Half Dozen - As you know, we have been following a slow carb/low GI diet = eggs, beans, meat, veggies. I'm totally sick of eating egg/white based breakfasts but everytime I prepare the whites I feel sad that most of the sunshine of the yolks is tossed in the bin. So, I wanted to capture their glory for the blog and had a tough time choosing which photo to use but decided the symmetry of this photo worked the best.

Week 123
L - Grass Level - These little floaty seed things were all over our garden last week. A combination of hot weather and high winds I guess. I ran around like a lunatic trying to catch one of these in flight but they were just too fast. So I got down to their level..!

R - Half Dozen - As you know, we have been following a slow carb/low GI diet = eggs, beans, meat, veggies. I'm totally sick of eating egg/white based breakfasts but every time I prepare the whites I feel sad that most of the sunshine of the yolks is tossed in the bin. So, I wanted to capture their glory for the blog and had a tough time choosing which photo to use but decided the symmetry of this photo worked the best.

Week 124
L - The Tropics in my backyard - How is this little guy in my back garden feasting on our fig tree! It really never gets old for me - coming from the land of dull animals - that these colourful birdies hang around in the suburbs of Melbourne. They are Rainbow Lorikeets and I love them, even though they chirp annoyingly in massive groups first thing in the morning. Feast away on those figs little friend.

R - Fresh Corduroy - I took this on my phone so not the best quality....but, I've never snowboarded over so much fresh corduroy that I had to take a photo, there was still come cord late into the afternoon, I was definitely happy to have planned this midweek trip to Mount Snow.

Week 125
L - Melbourne Underground - This photo is a snippet from perhaps the best thing I have had the pleasure of seeing this year. Yep, you read that correctly! I visited one of the coolest spaces in Melbourne this weekend, Melbourne Project Underground. A very normal office building sits above this artistic treat, over 60 graffiti artists both local and international were asked to come and get creative with their spray cans in the building owner's 3 story basement car park. All I can say is that it's both inspired and amazing. I am a HUGE graffiti art fan so this was heaven for me. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. This is one of my faves of the day. Amazing.

R - Thank You Mood - My friend Kylie was in town with her Mood gift certificate, we decided to choose some jersey material for Kylie to make us some American Apparel circle scarf rip offs for next winter at a quarter of the price. We got this black and white and a fun neon stripe.

Week 126
L - Backstreet Crates - My photo for this week did not come out the way I wanted it and I am using a pic from the previous week. Anyway, with all the amazing graffiti it missed the cut but I just love all the texture and general grime. So it made the cut! This was a random laneway in South Melbourne. The crates provide the pop of colour needed to brighten up an otherwise drab backstreet.

R - Spring Sunrise - the clocks have gone forward so it's a little dark in the morning but there was an amazing sunrise on monday and looking out my bedroom window I was reminded of Mary Poppins and all the chimney sweeps dancing on the rooftops! chim-chim-iney chim-chiminey chim chim cher-oooo.....

Week 127
L - G'Day Mate - We had a 'family' day the other week at a country park and I was making friends with the Kangaroos. I really LOVE me some Australian animals! "G'day mate!!"

R - Remember me? Look I'm all grown up!

Week 128
L - New Goodies - So I had a great day on Saturday buying all sorts of new goodies for the house! I have been coveting a Hans Wegner Plank Chair (repro) for a while now and decided to buy one for this empty nook in my living room. The cushion was also an indulgence, but it is from my ALL time fave designer/shopspacecraft. When I went to the store I met Stewart Russell in person and was kinda star struck. I had a wonderfully informative chat with him about all things screen printing and he has even told me that I would be most welcome to visit his studio to see how things are done. I mean WHAT!!! That is the most awesome thing ever. I also stopped in to my fave beauty product store Aesop for some new products! YUM!

R - Sunrise in Scotland - a sudden trip home :( but a beautiful sunrise through the bathroom window, I seriously didn't touch the colours!

Week 129
L - Cosy Power Cut Candles - Whilst settling in for a night on the sofa with a beverage and some crappy TV - the brewing storm hit and a lightning strike took out all the power! Just as well I like candles and have them everywhere! Very useful at times like this!

R - Beware of the dog! We were up in DC for the weekend and I spotted this in an alley, SCARY!

Week 130
L - I need a dollar - Preppin for NYC! Gots me some $$$ all ready for some shopping! Yeeha!

R - Arapahoe Basin - View from the chair heading up to the top of the A-Basin = 13,050 ft or 3977m = HIGH! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weeks 119 and 120

Week 119
L - Where Christmas Trees Go to Die - I kinda thought this was funny as our Christmas tree has been dumped at the bottom of the garden till we can get rid of it. I hate seeing my tree all dying and sad. Its so pretty when it's in its prime.

R - First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum - Not the best photo in the world because it's from my phone and it was dark, but this is the Brooklyn Museum and the first Saturday of every month they are sponsored by Target and have free entry in the evening, bands, talks with artists, movies and a dance party! Was fun!

Week 120
L - Sunflower Envy - I posted a sunflower photo a while back, in fact almost this time last year of some sunflowers that Shane gave me. You see I am a big fan of the sunny happy flowers and I have developed serious Sunflower envy. The house behind us has a wonderful crop of the beauties and I am always plotting ways to snaffle one. I know, i know I am not going to scale the fence to grab one in the dark of night. Or am I....???!!

R - So we've been doing a Slow Carb Diet as featured in the 4-Hour Body book! No sugar or fruit, no dairy and no carbs! it's tough, we've been eating eggs, meat, beans and veg all week. The exciting part is that you can eat whatever you want one day a week - Saturday = Dieters Gone Wild Day! So this is a photo collage of everything I ate on saturday, it's really gross after eating so well during the week. The best part.......6.5lbs lighter in just 5 days! can't believe it! we're going to try and do one month and then start to incorporate this diet back into our normal diet, not sure I can eat another egg white for breakfast!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Weeks 114 - 118 catch up!

Week 114

L - Tis the Season - I did take a shot last week similar to this but it was no good so I took another. The reindeer decoration from Ikea is my new favourite decoration, but the tartan bauble in the background is a close second. Yay....I love Christmas!!

R - Christmas Tree is up! thought I'd try a wee bit of lensbaby blurry action!

Week 115

L - Handprinted Wrapping Paper - I may be a little mad to even think about doing this BUT I did it anyway. I carved out a snowflake stamp and went to town with some white paint and a roll of brown kraft paper. I am pretty happy with the results.

R - Frosty Mornings - The colder mornings were drawing in and ice is beginning to form on the glass brrrrrrr

Week 116

L - Joyeux Noel - As part of my rustic and homemade theme I made these little tags for the wall. I also decided to go a little European with the lovely french version of Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noel everybody! Check out the full view at my Little Letters Blog

R - Hi London, it's been a while....I was in London to renew my visa and wish I had my real camera with me! I did however manage to get this photo of Tower Bridge in the afternoon sun and used a lomo effect to give it that old-timey look 'ello guvnor!

Week 117

L - If I look cute, I won't be in trouble - Little Missy 'found' a Christmas tree bauble and was enjoying some frantic fun with it I appeared in the living room to investigate what the noise was and she dropped and rolled into the "if I act cute, I won't get in trouble" pose! Too funny, although glass baubles do not mix with wooden floors and cat entertainment!

R - Back in Brooklyn - a wee bit of street art with a bow-tie to remind me I was home

Week 118

L - Sparkler fun - Happy New Year, we said goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012 in the mountains which was fantastic. Despite having a very quiet night I still managed to get the sparklers out to accompany glass of fizz. Here's to an awesome 2012.

R - Mwah-ha-ha I got a TTL off camera flash cord for christmas and seeing as I was slow in taking a photo this week I tested it out on my trusty model Diego! His expression is HILARIOUS, love it!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 113

L - Rad - I love the NGV Studio in Federation Square, its an active little space focusing on 'youth' apparently! Currently there is an exhibition called Board which presents a collection of 1970s & 80s skateboards and ephemera from Tony Hallam’s (Australian Skateboarder) collection alongside contemporary decks created for the exhibition, it explores the evolution of board graphics and design. I have a blank deck of Shane's at home that I have been meaning to do something I feel inspired.

R - Just Drop Some Turkey on the Floor and Stop Taking Pictures - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I have grown to love this American holiday (as has Diego) you get 4 days in a row off work, and get to eat your face off!

Week 112

L - New Shoes - We had a wedding to attend this weekend and I decided on a very high pair of new shoes to finish off my outfit! Wowsers....they are my fabulous disco shoes! So I decided to add a crazy gold bokeh overlay for added effect!

R - Good Idea.....Spotted on the streets of downtown Brooklyn, snapped on my phone.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 111

L - Setting a Scene - I have been messing around with some styling for the first few of my prints I plan to post up in my online shop and I like how this looked...sunny and relaxing!

R - Fall Leaves! It's my token AUTUMN photo, the leaves are changing, it's beautiful.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weeks 109 and 110

Week 109

L - Letterpress - We had a sad week as we had to say goodbye to our little dog Zak after 18 years (I have only been around for 8 of them) so to take my mind of it I immersed myself in creative projects my first being setting some metal type and trying out my Letter press machine. Super exciting - it worked too. Some results to follow soon. 

R - Do you smell bacon? Thought I'd save you from the gory site that was my face, and just show the creepy halloween masks we wore this year, the make up turn out creepy awesome and luckily all the blood washed out.

Week 110

L - Hail Storm - The weather has been crazy in Melbourne over the last few days...sunny then rain..sunny then rain! Tropical almost, which sucks cause my hair gets it's frizz on but its awesome because we get heaps of thunder and lightning storms. YAY. These gigantic hailstones were falling from the skies, awesome.

R - Old School Shed - We were down in Virginia visiting C's Mum and staying with some friends who have just bought a new house in the burbs. They have a fantastic back garden with this old shed which has something creepy horror movie about it. Love the shape, the leaves changing etc.